Saturday, March 01, 2014

Disable Autoplay Facebook Videos in News-Feed

Facebook has lately implemented Adobe Flash Player to directly play the videos in the news-feed. But sometimes it is really annoying especially if you have a limited internet plan or connected to an access point that is powered by mobile data(usually limited and costs dearly).

So, I have figured out a way to disable the 'Autoplay' feature of the videos in the news feed. Ultimately, it should be my call to play them or not. Right?

Assuming that you are using Google Chrome, just follow the simple steps:

Step 1:
Go to Settings

Step 2:
Scroll Down to find 'Show Advanced Settings'. If it says ' Hide Advanced Settings' skip this step and go to Step-3. If it says 'Show Advanced Settings', click it to expand the advanced settings.

Under 'Privacy', open the 'Content Settings'. A pop-up window will open up showing the content settings.

Find 'Plugin-ins' settings. Check the radio button 'Click to play' instead of 'Run Automatically (recommended)' and click 'Done' at the bottom of the page.

Woohoo! You have disabled Auto-play for playing videos on any website, not just Facebook!

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