Saturday, June 15, 2013

ERROR: Missing .dll file

4 best website that will help to find missing dll files**

There Have been a lots of situations that You get a missing DLL Files Error When Trying To install A software or maybe a game, and one of the most famous of the missing DLL files error you receive is :

* (Msvcr71.dll is Missing)
* (D3dx9_41.dll is Missing)
* (OPENAL32.DLL is Missing)

And resolving this problem is very easy all you have to do is take the name of the file that showing in the error window and search for it on websites that are specialized in providing system .dll files , and then Copy on the following path in Windows by going to the disk: C:\Windows\System32 folder and place the file there . Just visit these following websites to find missing .dll files:

enjoy :-)

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