Monday, March 25, 2013

Use Calculator as Internet browser

Use Or Surf Internet Without Any Browser.
This post is for those who have:
  • Windows Xp.
  • Internet Browser(eg. Chrome, Firefox, IE) blocked by the the IT Administrator.
  • No installation rights on the computer(to install any other browser).
Fret not, nobody can deprive you of the internet!

Just follow these simple steps: 
STEP 1: Open Calculator
              Start> Program Files> Accessories> Calculator
              Press Win+R. Type Calculator and hit Enter.


STEP 2: In Calculator, go to Help> Help Topics. 

STEP 3: Right click on the left hand side of the title bar and click on 'Jump to URL'.
STEP 4: Type in the URL and make sure include the 'http://' at the beginning.

Enjoy :)

NOTE: This trick won't work if the Network Administrator has blocked access to sites using Proxy Servers.

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