Sunday, March 03, 2013

Threat: Android Vulnerability

While Android comes in with the flexibility of installing apps from "Unknown Sources"  mobile users are actively searching for software from suspicious sources and taking no precautions when launching an unknown programme - all of which makes it easier for cyber criminals to infect the devices.

According to a survey, Over 99% of new threats found in 2012 targeted Android-based smartphones and tablets, with less than 1% aimed at devices running Symbian and BlackBerry operating systems or supporting the mobile version of Java.

 The most widespread Android threats can be divided into three major groups

  • SMS trojans
  • stealing money by sending premium texts, adware, and exploits to gain root access that give full access to the device and any data stored on it
  • Android malware- mobile Botnet nicknamed Foncy that enables the cyber criminals to gain control of mobile devices.

How to prevent such attacks?

  1. Remove all the applications from the Android device that are not downloaded from the Google Play store
  2. Disable "unknown sources" installations.
  3. Always remember to read all the "Permissions" before installing any application.

Disabling installations from unknown sources


Uncheck the "Unknown Sources" option.

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