Saturday, March 30, 2013

Password protect USB Mass Storage(Pen Drive)

Encrypt And Password Protect your USB Drive Without Any Software :

Just Follow the below simple steps :

Step 1 : Insert Pen-drive which you want to password Protect.

Step 2: Open explorer and Right click on your Removable drive and Select "Turn On                                     Bitlocker"

Step 3: After you click on Turn On Bitlocker, Wizard will open, Check "Use a password to
            Unlock the Drive"

Step 4 : Now type In the Password you want and Click 'Next'.

Step 5: Now you will be asked "How Do You want to back up Recovery Keys " Choose From
           the options

Step 6 : You then have to choose whether your drive is already in use or if it is new.
            Then click next.

Step 7 : Choose how much Of Your Drive to Encrypt, Entire drive or Just Used Disk Space.

Step 8 : At last Click on Start Encrypting, Encrypting Process Will start. Now Whenever you

            want to use it, plugin the encrypted Drive into the Computer and it will give you
            a  notification that it is Bitlocker Protected. Just click on it, Enter your password 
            and click on Unlock Button.

That's it, Keep your Content in pen-drive protected with this trick. 

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